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Global Genomics Conference 2022

Hosted by Public Policy Projects (PPP)

PPP’s Global Genomics Conference (GGC) will provide a platform for the exploration and discussion of some of the key policy and ethical considerations of participation in genomics and builds upon the more specific work that PPP has conducted and is conducting in the UK specifically and via our global genomics programmes of work.

Our intention is not to lead with the science – there are many other, better qualified, fora for these discussions - but to lead with policy, both very specific, actionable policy when it comes to the UK specific discussions and broader policy insights when it comes to areas of global focus.


This is a four day event, starting on 23rd of May 2022. This event consists of three days of webinars and one in-person conference held in London.

May 23rd


Why is it important – scientifically morally and ethically – to improve diversity in global genomics?

May 24th


Using technology to address science inequity in genomics

May 25th

In-person event

Global Genomics Conference and networking drinks

May 26th


How do you articulate the economic benefits of participating in genomics?


What is Public Policy Projects’ mission with respect to Genomics?

“We must ensure that new genome science and its benefits will be directed toward making life better for all citizens of the world, never just a privileged few” was a statement that President Bill Clinton made in 2003 when the first draft of the human genome sequence was published and yet access to the benefits of genomics is not equally available to all. In part that is driven by the fact that the datasets which exist do not reflect the diversity of the global population.  

This has been at the heart of our global genomics programmes of work – to explore how this lack of diversity has the potential to exacerbate health inequalities that we know exist and what steps need to be taken to address this. There is a myriad of inter-connected issues that contribute to these challenges and the purpose of PPP’s programmes of work has been to convene a unique cohort of stakeholders and subject matter experts from a variety of jurisdictions to identify and explore the policy issues that need to be addressed. 

Public Policy Projects' work in Genomics:

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Who you will meet at the conference

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Public Sector Leaders

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Private Sector Leaders

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Policy, Research and Academic Leaders


MAY 23TH - 26TH 2022

23th May

12-2PM Webinar session


Why is it important – scientifically morally and ethically – to improve diversity in global genomics?

24th May

12-2PM Webinar session


Using technology to address science inequity in genomics

25th May

8.30AM - 5:10PM In-person Conference | London

During this one day in-person event taking place at the View, Royal College of Surgeons you will be able to attend the following sessions: 

  1. What are the barriers to achieving greater diversity in genomics?

  2. Pathogen surveillance and Pandemic preparedness

  3. The role of science diplomacy in genomics

  4. The role of genomics in making the UK a life sciences superpower

  5. A public backlash towards genomics is a risk all of us working in genomics must share

  6. Live recording of Genomics England’s The G Word Podcast

5:10PM - 6.30PM

PPP reception and networking

26th May

12-2PM Webinar session

How do you articulate the economic benefits of participating in genomics?


The Venue

The View, London

The View

Royal College of Surgeons
38-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields

The building in Lincoln’s Inn Fields provides state-of-the-art research for over 30,000 members, examination and conference facilities, while embracing the prestigious heritage of the College. The View is located on the 6th floor of the building and boasts beautiful views over the city, a large terrace for guests to enjoy on evenings and transformational facilities for all types of events. 

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